After sales service rules

  • Returned within 7 days

  • Replaced within 15 days

  • Guaranteed for 1 year

*LIVALL will accept returns and exchanges of its products if a valid proof of purchase is provided and the items including all the accessories in the package are suitable for resale. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping charges.

Warranty Service Explanation

1, The product is guaranteed for one year. For quality problem, it can be replaced within 15 days after purchase or be returned within 7 days after purchase.

2, LIVALL could provide vulnerable parts at a cost, such as bicycle components, helmet regulator, chinstrap, lining etc;

3, If the product is beyond the warranty policy, LIVALL could provide maintenance for a fee.

Products excluded from warranty service:

1.Problems caysed by unauthorized maintenance,improperuse,collision,negligence,misuse,immersion in liquid,accidents,modification,improper installation of goods and ripping or alteration of produce labels;

2.Warranty period has expired;

3.Damage caused by force majeure.

After sales processing period

1.Processing time for refunds:Completed within 7 working days after receiving the returned products;

2.Processing time for exchanges:Completed within 15 working days after receiving the returned products;

3.processing time for maintenance:Within 10 days after receiving the product.

After sales contact details
(+86) 400 8933 338