Bling Helmet BH62 Neo

Multi-functional lightweight helmet.

Bling Helmet BH62 Neo



Head circumference 55-61cm

Bicycle, Skateboard, Roller Skating, Hoverboard, etc.

Smart Lighting

Automatic Sensor Lighting / Turn Signals


Smart lighting integrates adaptive technology to ensure your visibility in dark condition. Operate LED turn signals via handlebar remote control.

Enjoy your ride

Music makes a perfect match with riding.


Above-the-ear speakers and sonic wave control design secure your safety while enjoying music. You can also switch to voice navigation when you don’t know the way.

Barrier free communication

One touch phone taking.

Answer phone calls using the remote control and enjoy clear sound both ways with the helmets in-built Bluetooth speakers and wind-proof microphone.Easily communicate with your fellow cyclists using the Walkie-Talkie function when riding in a group.

 #Connection to Livall App through the internet is required(which causes some telecommunication cost) to realize this function.#

Hands Free Operation


All LIVALL functions are designed to be used hands-free to ensure user safety remains the number one priority.

Auto On/Off

Anti-Loss Alarm


The helmet will be turn off automatically when the helmet is disconnected with phone and keep quiescence for 15 minutes.The helmet will automatically turn on when it moves.When the helmet is connected with phone and the distance between helmet and phone exceeds 15 meters, both of helmet and phone will alarm to remind users.

SOS Alert


Immediate notification of your accident to your family is exceptionally important.

25 vents air flow

The unique ventilation design based on aerodynamics effectively improves air cooling, reduces wind resistance.  

Integral molding

Constructed through unibody molding with imported American EPS foam and high quality polycarbonate. 

A lighter helmet with better protection.

The Nylon strap, with reliable stretching resistance, will not be distorted by water or sweat.