LIVALL Smart Motorcycle Helmet MC1 


L: 58-59cm    XL: 60-61cm 



Seamless Bluetooth Intercom

Connect with fellow riders within a range of up to 1200 meters. 

The MC1 uses advanced Bluetooth technology for clear and instant communication, enhancing your group riding experience.

PTT Walkie-Talkie (unlimited)

Unleash the power of group communication, any distance, anytime. Experience the ultimate freedom of communication with the LIVALL MC1's built-in Bluetooth speakers. 

Through the LIVALL App, connect with your riding buddies without distance limitations, creating an immersive riding experience.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting with adaptive technology ensures visibility in low-light conditions while conserving energy during the day.

Additionally, it features a gravity acceleration sensor that enhances safety. Upon detecting significant deceleration, both front and rear lights intensify, effectively capturing the attention of nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

One-Click Answer

Take the phone call effortlessly using the remote controller while relishing in HiFi-quality sound bidirectionally through the helmet's integrated Bluetooth speakers and wind-proof microphone. 

Additionally, the helmet is equipped with an electret microphone that effectively diminishes environmental noise, ensuring clear communication even in challenging conditions.

Patented Fall Detection and SOS Alert

As the first brand to actualize patented Fall Detection & SOS Alert function in outdoor sports, LIVALL MC1 Pro has special sensors that can detect your fall when an accident happens. A message alert with GPS location will be sent to your emergency contacts after 90 seconds.


Engineered for your safety, LIVALL MC1 features a durable glass fiber shell paired with EPS material, ensuring optimal protection. It proudly bears certifications from both ECE06 and DOT, attesting to its adherence to rigorous safety standards. 

Additionally, equipped with a secure double D-ring buckle fastening system, MC1 offers an extra layer of safety, providing riders with peace of mind on every journey.